Journal Clubs

Biophysics Journal Club (Evanston) 2016-2017

Cook 3118
12:00 PM

4th Tuesday of the month
Organized by Soo Ro and Ryan Abdella

Date Labs Presenting
Sep. 27 Soo Ro (Rosenzweig/Tyo Lab) and Ryan Abdella (He Lab)
Oct. 25 WeiTing Chen (Lackner Lab) and Anne d'Aquino (Jewett Lab)
Nov. 22 Chris Koo (Rosenzweig/Jewett Lab) and Ron Biggs (Marko Lab)
Jan. 24 Matt Ross (Rosenzweig/Hoffman Lab) and Darren Hsu (Chen Lab)
Feb. 28 Nic Daffern (Radhakrishnan Lab) and Alexis Reyes (He Lab)
Mar. 28 Kasia Soczek (Mondragon Lab) and Tim Mullen (Wignall Lab)
Apr. 25 Antoineen White (Lackner Lab) and Evan Buechel (Pinkett Lab)
May 23 Galyah Boneh (O'Halloran Lab) and Ben Parker (Weiss Lab)


IFSFJC – Structure Function Journal Club (Chicago)

Ward 5-340
4:00-5:00 PM

2nd Thursday of the month
Organized by Priscilla Yeung

Date Author(s) Title
Sep. 8 Holtkamp et al "Cotranslational protein folding on the ribosome monitored in real time"
Oct. 13 Kraatz et al "The Human Centriolar Protein CEP135 Contains a Two-Stranded Coiled-Coil Domain Critical for Microtubule Binding"
Dec. 15* Qi et al "Structures of human mitofusin 1 provide insight into mitochondrial tethering"
Jan. 12 Park et al "Structural implications of Ca2+-dependent actin-bundling function of human EFhd2/Swiprosin-1"
Feb. 9 Sirohi et al "The 3.8 Å resolution cryo-EM structure of Zika virus"
Mar. 16* Zhang and Chen "Atomic structure of the Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator"
Apr. 13 Gao et al "TRPV1 structures in nanodiscos reveal mechanisms of ligand and lipid action"

All participants discuss the selected paper.


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