Molecular Biophysics Training Program Appointees

Ryan Abdella
Structure-function studies of the human Mediator complex in transcription initiation

Ronald Biggs
Understanding the Roles and Interplay Between Topoisomerase II and the Condensin Complexes in Mitotic Chromosomes

WeiTing Chen
The regulation and assembly of the syntaphilin tethering complex

Anne d'Aquino
Characterizing the role of 23S rRNA peptidyltransferase center interactions in translation fidelity

Nicolas Daffern
Experimental and computational analyses of protein dynamics in the ligand-binding domain of NR5A nuclear receptors

Darren Hsu
Probing Metal Binding Sites and Conformations of Cytochrome c during its Folding Triggered by Electron Transfer

Christopher Koo
Characterizing particulate methane monooxygenase (pMMO) using cell-free protein synthesis

Alexis Reyes
Structural and functional insights toward the visualization of human telomere maintenance macromolecular machines

Matt Ross
Advanced spectroscopic characterization of an integral membrane metal transporter

Antoineen White
Functional Characterization of Novel Proteins Involved in Vesicular Trafficking and Membrane Contact Sites

Past Trainees

2016-2017 Biophysics Trainee Meeting Schedule

All meetings held at 12:30 pm

Date Presenters Venue
September 13 Ryan/WeiTing Pancoe 4103
October 11 Ron/Matt Pancoe 4103
November 8 Anne/Chris Pancoe 4103
December 13 Nic/Antoineen Pancoe 4103
January 10 Alexis/Darren Pancoe 4103
February 14 Ryan/Anne Pancoe 4103
March 14 Ron/Matt Pancoe 4103
April 11 Darren/Chris Pancoe 4103
May 9 Nic/Antoineen Pancoe 4103
June 13 Alexis/WeiTing Pancoe 4103

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