Molecular Biophysics Training Program Appointees

Siyu Chen
Structural mechanism of DNA-PK allosteric activation in NHEJ pathway

Luyi Cheng
Structure-Function Principles of RNA in Cotranscriptional Folding Pathways

Nicolas Daffern
Experimental and computational analyses of protein dynamics in the ligand-binding domain of NR5A nuclear receptors

Darren Hsu
Probing Metal Binding Sites and Conformations of Cytochrome c during its Folding Triggered by Electron Transfer

Miranda Jacobs
The effect of membrane mechanical properties on mechanosensitive channel activity

Christopher Koo
Characterizing particulate methane monooxygenase (pMMO) using cell-free protein synthesis

Alexis Reyes
Structural and functional insights toward the visualization of human telomere maintenance macromolecular machines

Michael Schamber
Single-Molecule Characterization of Calcium-Sensing Receptor Activation

Antoineen White
Functional Characterization of Novel Proteins Involved in Vesicular Trafficking and Membrane Contact Sites

Past Trainees

2017-2018 Biophysics Trainee Meeting Schedule

All meetings held at 12:30 pm

Date Presenters Venue
September 12 Nic/Chris Pancoe 4103
October 10 Darren/Antoineen Pancoe 4103
November 14 Alexis/Michael Pancoe 4103
December 12 Siyu/Luyi Pancoe 4103
January 9 Miranda/Darren Pancoe 4103
February 13 Chris/Nic Pancoe 4103
March 13 Antoineen/Alexis Pancoe 4103
April 10 Michael/Siyu Pancoe 4103
May 8 Luyi/Miranda Pancoe 4103

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