Thomas Meade

PhD, Ohio State University

Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Program
Department of Molecular Biosciences
Biomedical Engineering

Office Phone: 847.491.2481
Meade Group


Our research focuses on inorganic coordination chemistry for the study of molecular imaging of in vivo gene expression and intracellular messengers, transition metal enzyme inhibitors, and electronic biosensors. The design, synthesis and physical properties of transition metal and lanthanide coordination complexes are the foundation of our research efforts and can be divided into the three areas: Biological Molecular Imaging: We design and synthesize spectroscopic and magnetic probes that incorporate novel functionality for magnetic resonance and fluorescence in vivo microscopic imaging of biological systems. Particular emphasis is on answering questions about gene expression, nerve patterning, regulation of cell lineage, and DNA transfection. In order to understand how assemblies and patterns of cells in developing tissues originate from an initially homogeneous state we employ optical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques that are enhanced by the development of contrast agents to understand these processes. The goal of this work is to develop new classes of biochemically activated contrast agents capable of reporting on the anatomical and physiological function of cellular processes in experimental animals.

Metal Complexes as Enzyme Inhibitors: The use of metals in medicine has grown impressively in recent years as the result of a greatly advanced understanding of the structures of biologically active metal complexes and metal-containing proteins. This area of research focuses on the interaction of inorganic therapeutic agents that can be specifically coupled to a biologically active site by cooperative redox-binding ligation. The strategy employs a series of transition metal complexes capable of irreversible inactivation of a selected enzymatic target and will be used in the development of new classes of therapeutic antitumor and antiviral agents. This work involves a two-pronged approach that is based on our ability to design site-specific ligands and then to fine tune the redox potentials of the reagent.



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