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Viral Glycoproteins, Ion Channels, and RNA-Binding Proteins

Our laboratory is investigating the molecular structure and the mechanism of replication of two enveloped RNA viruses: influenza virus and the paramyxovirus SV5. Both viruses cause diseases in humans and animals, with important biological and socioeconomic consequences.

The influenza viruses and the paramyxovirus SV5 encode seven integral membrane proteinsHA, NA, HN, F, M2, NB, and SHthat exhibit very different membrane topologies and range in size from 566 to 44 amino acids. We are particularly interested in the method of translocation of these proteins across the membrane of the endoplasmic reticulum, the role of glycosylation, and aspects of correct tertiary folding and oligomerization. These processes are a prerequisite for transport along the exocytic pathway; we are identifying cellular chaperone proteins that assist them. Analyzing the functions of these glycoproteins forms another area of interest. One project concerns the mechanism by which the F proteins cause viral-cell and cell-cell fusion. The second project entails the study of the HN glycoprotein, including its role in fusion, the signals and pathways regulating its internalization from the cell surface, and subsequent degradation. The M2 and NB proteins are critical in the replication cycle of influenza viruses. We used electrophysiological methods to demonstrate that the M2 protein has an ion-channel activity that is blocked by the antiviral drug amantadine. In collaboration with Professor Lawrence Pinto, we are performing a detailed structure-function analysis of this minimalistic ion channel. The potential ion-channel activity of NB is also under study.


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