Neil Kelleher

PhD, Cornell University

Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences Program
Department of Molecular Biosciences

Office Phone: 847.467.4362
Kelleher Lab


The Kelleher Group has three primary lines of research focused on Top Down Proteomics, Natural Products Discovery and Biosynthesis and Chromatin Oncobiology and DNA-Damage. An underlying focus, driving all lines of research, is our continued push towards optimizing instrumentation and bioinformatic approaches to best suit the unique needs of a Top Down analysis.


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Li, M., Jiang L., Kelleher, N.L. "Global Histone Profiling by LC-FTMS After Inhibition and Knockdown of Deacetylases in Human Cells" J. Chrom. B., 2009, 877, 3885-3892.

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