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Long-range interprotein electron transfer; ENDOR of metalloenzymes
We have discovered that long-range electron transfer between proteins can be studied by substituting zinc protoporphyrin for heme in one of the partners of a protein-electron transfer complex. Electron transfer is initiated by flash photoproduction of the zinc protoporphyrin triplet state, which reduces its ferriheme partner by a long-range tunneling process.Mixed-metal (Zn, Fe) hybrid hemoglobins exhibit electron transfer between redox centers that are in a crystallographically known protein environment and are separated by protein residues at a metal- metal distance of 25.

We are applying this approach to physiological electron transfer reactions, such as between yeast cytochrome c peroxidase (CCP) and cytochrome c (cyt c). However, this complex is not conformationally rigid. The use of different cyt c species and of site-directed mutagenesis to vary individual residues of cyt c gives a precise means of investigating both the role of the protein matrix in electron transfer and the influence of conformational dynamics at the protein-protein interface.

Electron-nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) is a technique that combines NMR and EPR. Studies of native and isotopically enriched metaloenzymes hold the promise of individually characterizing every atom of the catalytically active metal center. The systems we are studying include peroxidases, copper proteins containing the blue-copper center, and proteins that contain multimetal centers such as aconitase, cytochrome oxidase, and hydrogenase. Our work includes the development of multifrequency CW and pulsed (nsec) ENDOR spectrometers.


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