Elad Harel

PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Department of Chemistry

Office Phone: 847.467.7850
Harel Lab


The aim of my research is to measure, understand, and, ultimately, control emergent processes in strongly interacting biological systems. Specifically, we target proteins that utilize external cues to perform specific function such as DNA repair, photosynthesis, and vision. Our group is developing novel spectroscopic and imaging tools to observe the molecular choreography that drives these biological processes with unprecedented temporal and spatial resolution. By measuring these phenomena and understanding their molecular origins, we can inform design principles in the synthesis of artificial materials with tailored functionality. Recent efforts have gone towards identifying strategies to enhance transport of energy in biomimetic systems well beyond the capabilities of current photovoltaic materials. We are now in the process of experimentally verifying our predictions with ultrafast imaging methods that can track transport in real time at the molecular length scale


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November 2, 2015