Northwestern University has made a strong commitment to creating and sustaining an environment for excellence in research and education in molecular biophysics. There has been unprecedented growth in this area with the recruitment of more than a dozen faculty over the past decade and the addition of two new buildings and multiple research facilities in both the Evanston and Chicago campuses.

The rapidly-growing Molecular Biophysics Program at Northwestern University is uniquely diverse, bringing together faculty and trainees working in a broad range of areas in molecular biophysics, from six departments representing three schools within the University.

The program is supported by the participating departments and schools. The Molecular Biophysics Program provides a hub around which biophysical activities and initiatives are organized; students have the option of training in the interdepartmental program or department of their choice, but are provided with opportunities to supplement that training by participating in the molecular biophysics activities.

Molecular Biophysics Training Grant Information (PDF)

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Program Administration

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee advises the Director on all matters relating to the training program.


Alexander Statsyuk
Heather Pinkett
Murali Prakriya
John Marko
Alfonso Mondragon
Ishwar Radhakrishnan

Minority Outreach Committee

The Minority Outreach Committee coordinates and undertakes recruiting trips to undergraduate institutions with large minority student populations.


Sacha Patera
Deborah Klos Dehring
Pamela Focia
Ishwar Radhakrishnan

Trainee Selection Committee

The Trainee Selection Committee is an ad hoc committee appointed by the Director for selecting trainees based on competitive evaluation.

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